Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Venezuela’s government is guilty of unimaginable cruelty giving away gas/petrol in a land suffering from lack of food and medicines

Even after in February 2016 its price was increased 6.000% gas/petrol is still sold in Venezuela at Bs.6 per liter, which calculated at the official SIMADI rate of today of Bs.642/US$, means less than 1 US$ cent per liter, or less than 4 US$ cents per gallon.
That is something truly irresponsible to do in the best of times, but when that happens in times of immense human sufferings derived from the lack of food and medicines, then it represents such unimaginable cruelty that it should be denounced before international courts of justice.
When is some institution to speak out loud and clear on this? I denounced it to the Organization of American States, OAS, in July 2015, but still not a word.