Saturday, May 1, 2010

EITI and Natural Resource Charter, I dare you to do a Full Monty on oil revenue transparency!

You, oil consumers of Europe wanting to solve our oil-curse with more transparency, why do you not dare to be real transparent about it and confess that you at your gas pumps are capturing much more of its value than what is received by the country who sacrifices its natural resource for ever… often only to end up depositing those lesser funds in the consuming countries banks.

You tell me… NGOs from Europe, why should I trust you good hearted oil curse fighters from consumer nations? Have you ever spoken out against your governments capturing too much of the value of the gasoline/petrol we give up for ever at your pumps?

What might be lost to corruption in the transaction between oil companies and the petrocrats, oligarchs or simple oil thugs of our governments, is but a fraction of what you collect in gasoline/petrol consumptions taxes at your pumps… often pouring salt in the injury arguing it is because you want to protect the environment, while at the same time subsidizing your dirty coal behind our backs.